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The establishment is structured to focus on all business activities i.e. household security, supply of various security services, cash in transit services, transportation of goods, VIP Protection, cleaning, plumbing, electrical and maintenance services (cleaning and road maintenance). Management knows that the future of the company depends on the satisfaction of our customers, and convinced that the satisfaction of our customers depends on the excellence of our products and services. in an efficient, friendly manner, on time and to budget.

It is therefore our highest priority to ensure that all aspects of quality control are addressed throughout our organization and in all our strategic planning.
We aim to provide high quality services

We endeavour to earn the trust and confidence of those for whom we work. Our objective is to provide, within the cost plan, a service of such high quality that continuing business is encouraged. In all our undertakings we offer a strong commitment to quality, health and safety, training and environmental issues.

Dakalo Matodzi


Contact me

+ 27 71 308 3027 or dakalo@staysecurity.co.za

Ownership Structure B-BBEEE

STAYSAFE SECURITY SERVICES is wholly black owned by DAKALO MATODZI a previously disadvantaged individual, rendering the firm fully empowered in terms of the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) legislation. We regard STAYSAFE SECURITY SERVICES as a start-up enterprise, currently having revenue of less than R5 million, and is more than 100% black owned; With emphasis being put on empowerment within the corporate sector, STAYSAFE SECURITY SERVICES have under gone a rating and have obtained a level 1 rating in terms of the BEE Codes of Good Practice and are deemed to be a Good Broad based Empowerment

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an outstanding supplier, and the first choice provider of specialist and personal services in the community. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers, with an enviable reputation for excellence in, delectable cuisine, professional service and reliability. We are committed to do everything in our power to ensure that we provide our customers with outstanding service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to apply our knowledge and skills to develop new techniques to meet our customer requirement. To provide high quality, cost effective services and to operate a financially sustainable business that is flexible and readily expand to meet increased demand for its services. Through service excellence, we ensure that our clients will prefer our services than our competitors. We prefer to prosper on the basis of professionalism and performance. We bring to the table excellent skills in all areas of our operations.

Our Values

Our vision shall be achieved through the following values: Quality: We believe in growing and developing our product by offering an innovative and ´can do´ attitude without compromising quality Safety: We are totally committed to fulfilling the promises we make to our stakeholders. We can be relied upon to provide the agreed product and service on time and according to the highest standards on safety. Service: Our passenger´s safety is of utmost importance to us. We take every possible precaution to ensure that we transport them safely and comfortably. We choose our products to enhance our passenger´s comfort and wellbeing.

Our Team

Dakalo Matodzi

CEO & Founder

Sinesipho Memela


Ndou Ria

Head of Security

General Worker

General Worker

General Worker

General Worker.

General Worker

General Worker

General Worker

General Worker

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Accredited Company

We are fully compliant in all our areas of service.

100% Guarantee

We aim to get it right the first time all the time.

Quality Material

We procure the best material for our construction and cleaning services.